My turn to yell for help. I have a party who need a for end and stock for his Parker any body out there know where I can locate a for-end or stock 1 frame???  I am also receiving calls on people looking for Parker hammers. If you have any let me know and I will forward  contacts to you.

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Parker Shotgun Value

Parker Shotgun Value

One of the many questions collectors are asked, is what is the value of my grand fathers old Parker Shotgun? One rule you want to remember is, old does not mean it is valuable. The shotgun in your grandfather’s time was usually a tool to bring home meat. Therefore, the condition of the shotgun reflects the use it had, and in collecting condition is one of the three main considerations in creating the value. The three points are:
•    Grade, gauge and extras: This is the easiest to explain, as a rule the higher the grade the more valuable the Parker. This may not hold true though if you have V or grade 1 in a 20 gauge in comparison to a higher-grade 12 gauge, the smaller gauges always command premium and price guides add from 25% to 200% depending on the gauge. Extras also increase the value: Vent Rib, Single Trigger, Beaver Tail Forend, ejectors and the list goes on. There is still an aversion to Damascus Barrels and though articles have been written to show Parker Damascus barrels are safe, the shooting public is leery and they generally command considerably less than steel barrels.
•    Is it original: The most common restorations made to shotguns are: rebluing the barrels, cutting the stock for a pad or modifying the stock, polishing the bores or taking out the chokes and worst of all cutting the barrel to make a skeet or grouse gun. The common problem with rebluing is often all the marking are ground off or the barrel is filed down to make it unsafe as the walls are to thin, also the barrels are hot blued not rust blued. Many early Parkers could be ordered with a butt pad instead of the butt plate, what we see though, most cut stocks have new generic pads you can buy over the counter. A gunsmith with expertise in quality doubles can correct most of this work. Nothing can be done though to restore the value of cut barrels or thin barrel walls.
•    What constitutes condition: My favorite saying on condition is, who wants to be caught hunting with an ugly gun. Condition usually plays an important part in the eye appeal of a nice Parker. In setting a value to a shooter a Parker that shows use but not abuse will command a good value. To an ardent collector this Parker will not fit into his collection and he will pass on it. The areas of condition are % of case coloring on the action, % of bluing on the barrels, condition of the bores and condition of the stock. Overall condition is based on all parts of the Parker not just it has a nice stock. Remember condition, condition and condition help establish the Parker value

This article was written to help you establish a value on your Parker, also, so you can understand what the person is looking for in setting a price. You should always consult a knowledgeable person to clarify the overall condition of your Parker. There are a number of good reference books on condition and value that are available in bookstores, most gun traders use these books as a guideline in establishing the value. For more information please call me. I do not charge for this service as this is MY HOBBY. My goal is to help people ascertain the value. I tell clients I was helped by many collectors and this is how I try to repay them for the time they spent with helping me learn about SXS.

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Parker Shotguns Identification and Marks.

Parker Shotguns Identification and Marks.

Parker shotguns have three basic identification marks that will help you identify your Parker.

  1. Frame Size: Parker used different frames for their shotguns. Normally the 12 gauge
    was a 1, 1 1/2 or 2 frame While the 20 gauge was an 0 or a 00 frame. The frame sizes
    included 7 which was the largest down to a 000 the smallest for a 410. The frame size
    and serial number are found on the rear barrel lug.
  2. Grade: The grade is marked on the flat of the action; Parker used a number in the early days and later used an alpha designation. The grades are as follows with the highest grade first. A1 grade 8, AAH grade 7, AH grade 6, BH grade 5, CH grade 4, DH grade 3, GH grade 2,  PH or VH grade 1 and Trojan grade.
  3. Barrel Rib: Parker put the grade of steel on the rib along with Parker Brothers, Meridian CT. The early Damascus barrels were usually marked Damascus on the rib. Trojan grade was marked Trojan Steel, the VH grade was marked Vulcan Steel, B grade usually was marked Acme Steel. This can change as orders could be placed for any type steel or damascus barrel you desired.

This is not a complete description by any means, but is intended to be a tool to help with preliminary investigation and identification. You should always consult a knowledgeable person to clarify the many variations that Parker enthusiast uncover all the time. This is the reason there are so many books written about the Parker Shotguns.

For more information please call me. I do not charge for this service as this is MY HOBBY. My goal is to help people find information about their SXS.  I tell clients I was helped by many collectors and this is how I try to repay them for the time they spent with helping me learn about SXS.

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One of the frequent requests I receive is on the year their grand fathers old Parker was manufactured. To help you with this I have listed the serial number & year manufactured.   For more information please call me. I do not charge for this service as this is MY HOBBY. My goal is to help people ascertain the value. I tell clients I was helped by many collectors and this is how I try to repay them for the time they spent with helping me learn about SXS.

Year to Last Serial Number

1867-1878 to 10,000
1878 to 13,000
1879  to 16,000
1880 to 18,000
1881 to 22,700
1882 to 27,300
1883 to 34,900
1884 to 36,000
1885 to 46,450
1886 to 48,125
1887 to 56,650
1889 to 59,500
1890 to 61,350
1891 to 66,800
1892 to 71,600
1893 to 77,000
1894 to 80,300
1895 to 82,400
1896 to 85,200
1897 to 86,450
1898 to 89,350
1899 to 92,450
1900 to 97,300
1901 to 105,750
1902 to 113,100
1903 to 121,900
1904 to 129,200
1905 to 132,000
1906 to 138,300
1907 to 144,250
1908 to 148,250
1910 to 153,000
1911 to 157,050
1912 to 157,800 Trojan Introduced
1913 to 165,000
1914 to 168,200
1915 to 171,500
1916 to 173,450
1917 to 175,650
1918 to 180,250
1919 to 184,900
1920 to 190,100
1921 to 195,000
1922 to 200,500
1923 to 205,150
1924 to 207,150
1925 to 214,400
1926 to 218,050
1927 to 222,650
1928 to 228,200
1929 to 230,700
1930 to 234,200
1931 to 235,950
1932 to 236,100
1933 to 236,300
1934 to 236,650
1935 Parker Brothers taken over by Remington
1935 to 237,000
1936 to 239,900
1937 to 240,300
1938-1942 to 242,385

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Parker Shotguns, Fox shotguns, L C Smith and Uncle Dan Lefever Shotguns a few of the American Classics


One of the oldest arguments about old American Shotguns is which is the best classic SXS? Believe me I am not the expert who can tell you which of these SXS is mechanically superior, as aesthetics, reliability and handling will mean more to most hunters than knowing what grade steel was used in one model versus another. So right off the top I am giving my opinion from handling and owning many of the models, grades and gauges. I will be glad to post your opinions if you wish to email comments to me, I will only post first name & last initial if you want me to post city or state please add them. Like most people who ask for opinions, I reserve the right to not print articles that are not relevant or are offensive. Since my web sight is PARKER SHOTGUNS, I will start with them.


Parker Shotguns: Parker is one of the oldest shotgun makers in the US and in production from 1868 until 1933, when they sold out to Remington.  When Remington closed down the plant in 1942 that was the end of the Parker production until the 80’s when the reproductions were released. This long history of manufacturing quality SXS gave them many years head start on the other makers and many feel this put them in the lead as far as developing their shotguns. Parker made 10 grades of SXS and 5 grades of single barrel trap guns. The early Parkers came with various types of barrels which they labeled as laminated steel, decarbonized steel, twist and stub twist, Damascus and Bernard Steel (extra high quality Damascus). Parker built their earliest SXS with uplifter opener and hammers. The hammer guns were made until the early 1900’s but the hammerless quickly replaced them when introduced in 1889. Parker shotguns were extremely reliable, and Parker prided themselvesin the quality of all grades of their SXS.

Being the oldest gave them advantages in being able to have some of the finest engravers and mechanics in theUS. Parker always bragged about the quality and their ads always alluded to “The Old Reliable. To this day you do not find many Parkers where it is mechanically unsound. In recent articles in the Double Gun Journal the author Sherman Bell subjected old and abused Parkers to heavy overloads and they held up to these pressure tests. I am not recommending any but highly competent mechanics try this test, but you should find the Double Gun journals from 1999 and read his articles “Finding Out for Myself”.

The one area Parker was at the head of the class was the engravers they employed. These engravers at the turn of the 19th century were the finest in the trade. Many collectors look for Parkers that were engraved by this select group of artisans.

Most of us are more shooters than collectors. To the shooter Parker offered all kinds of options, the problem is you can not order an old Parker so when we pick one up and try it we can not hit the broad side of a barn, some of the early Parkers had a drop at the comb of 2 inches and the heel 3 ½ inches. The modern shooter is used to holding the cheek tight to the stock where the old timers held their head straight up. The later Parkers came in with dimensions that we are used to, so we say boy this really fits.

Parker also offered many frame sizes starting with 000 frame for 410, 00 for the 28, 0 frame for 20’s, you could order for 12 & 16 on a variety of frame sizes and weight. I have a 16 Gauge on a 20 gauge 0 frame and it is lighter and much faster than a 16 on a 1 frame. The same is true with the 12 gauge on a 1 frame, most 12 gauges were manufactured on a number 2 frame. To me these are clubs but a 12 gauge on a 1 frame is much lighter and a joy to carry in the field and shoot. If you find a nice Parker on a smaller frame and have the opportunity to own it count it a blessing that you have a true American quality shotgun. Remember;Damascusand Twist steel barrels need to be checked out first by competent gunsmiths that really know old shotguns before shooting.

 FOX SHOTGUNS:  Fox shotguns was the new kid on the block. Ansley Fox started selling his shotguns inBaltimore then moved toPhiladelphia where around 1904 he developed and sold the the

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A question I am frequently asked is should I have my grandfathers old shotgun  restored? Guess what, there are no pat answers on restoration of old guns. Several basic answers are:

Do not throw good money after bad. Unless the gun has sentimental value, find out what it will cost to restore the gun, then can you recover your original investment and restoration costs.

  • Side-by-Side shotguns are unique and qualified gunsmiths that specialize in SXS shotguns should only do the restoration. I have seen to many quality shotguns ruined by good gunsmiths that do not have the tools required for SXS restoration. One example was a matched set of English best quality SXS that one barrel wall was filed to thin rendering the gun unsafe to shoot.

Now to the more complex question should a gun be restored? Most of the information is my opinion and after buying and selling numerous SXS, I do not claim to be an expert but have seen the impact of restoring and not restoring guns.

The grade of the gun is a major issue in this debate as the higher grade or rarer gun the rule is different than the field grade gun. The field gun often shows the many hours of use in the field. Most of these field grade restored guns will have some added value and the shooters may want a nicer looking gun. The collector is not interested in buying a lower grade used gun that needs to be restored, or the same gun that is restored, unless they can get a real bargain. The collectors have many guns to pick from and they are really looking for the “as new” and the higher grades and smaller bores. For the collector/buyer all original is important and they will usually deduct 50% for an expensive restored gun of any grade or bore and this may be the same amount they would pay for the gun not restored.

With the high grade or rarer shotgun the rules are changed. In theUnited States, the original condition is far more important than in England or Germany. The owners in those countries often had the barrels and wood redone every four or five years to protect the metal and wood. In the U S it is “horrors how could they restore this SXS and ruin the value”, then if it is not redone the statement is “well do to the condition I can only give you 50% of the value”. This takes you back to my first statement do not throw good money after bad.

In order to put this in perspective I recently purchased from different parties two GHE Parker 16 gauges. The one Parker was 98% “as new” and all original, the second was 98% and completely restored. The restored parker brought about 65% of the original Parker. If I found a nice DHE 16 gauge that was well used and had it restored, will I be able to get more than 65% of the “as new” gun?  For this example I will use $10,000 for the original and $6500 for the restored. The cost to reblue the barrels, refinish the wood and redo the case coloring could easily be in excess of $1,000.00. If the wood needs to be replaced the cost would more than double. From this example you can see how easy it would be to have more into the gun than you can recover in the near term.

I have not had problems selling reasonably priced nicely restored guns! Is the serious collector buying these guns? NO! However, if you are selling to the discriminating hunter that wants a fine piece of American history the restored gun does not bother him as long as the price is right.

If you are restoring your grandfather’s gun who was a very special and this gun was passed down from him to your father, now to you and you want to give the gun to your child and the gun really need to be restored, I would not hesitate to have it redone. The value in this gun is not dollars but sentimental value.

I hope this article helps but as I said in the beginning “there are no pat answers” to this question as each gun has to be valued on its own merits.  For more information please call me. I do not charge for this service as this is MY HOBBY. My goal is to help people ascertain the value. I tell clients I was helped by many collectors and this is how I try to repay them for the time they spent with helping me learn about SXS.

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SOLD     GHE Parker 28” barrels 2 1/2“ chambers, choked .005 IC and .030 Full. Stock has high grade wood and original butt plate, dimension are LOP 14 ¼ X 1 ½ X 2 ½. Barrels are very good and were reblued by Keith Kearcher years ago. Nice lightweight Parker @ 6# 9oz. This Parker is a great SXS for the shooter or collector at only $4500.00. 3 Day inspection shipping, insurance & packing $45.00, ship to FFL only. For more information contact Bud 509-465-8406 or [email protected]

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16 Gauge Parker Ejector on “O” Frame

SOLD    16 Gauge on “0” Frame skeet 1 & Skeet 2. Stock is very nice and 14 3/8 DAC 1 3/8 DAH 2 3/8. Original butt plate been repaired and stock refinished by Keith Kearcher. Barrel is about 95% blue with very good bores. I would grade this as a quality shooter as the action has no CC but is a “0” frame 16 gauge ejector gun. Asking $3250.

For more information e-mail me at websportingsalesaol Buyer pays $35.00 insurance, packing and shipping, I will ship as soon as PO or Money order clear, must go to FFL or CCR dealer, If your dealer requires me to ship by FFL additional $25.00 for my dealer costs. Three day inspection.

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Parker Shotguns and other Nice Doubles for Sale

Parker Shotguns and other Nice Doubles for Sale

Being a Parker enthusiast usually means you are a fan of quality side by sides. With that being said except for the true Parker collector, over time we find ourselves with a number of quality side by sides that you find you enjoy almost as much as your Parkers.
I now have a number of quality doubles for sale other than my Parkers. The list below is just a few of the doubles I have and you can contact me for information on my doubles.
See partial list below:

W & C Scott Reliant 12
W & C Scott Bowood 12
Belgium Guild SXS 12
Belgium Guild Ejt (Francotte) 16
Francotte 14E SXS 12
Cogswell Harrison Self Opener 12
Belgium Guild SXS  16
Bartram Hammer Nitrp Proof Damascus 12
Bonehill Hammer Steel Barrels 12
Wanderer Side Lock Combination O/U  16 – 8×72
German Guild 2 Brl Combo O/U 16X16 & 16X8x57
J P Clabrough sidelock Special Diamond 12
Winchester model 21 Tournament Skeet 12
RBL 20 & 28 Gauge

Winchester model 42 Simmons Rib

Cased Churchill XXV Regent Extra nice


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Parker Shotgun Trojan 12 Gauge

SOLD   Trojan grade Parker 12 gauge with 30 inch barrels. Nice clean Parker with with nice wood the stock is 14 7/8 including an old 1″ pad, the pad is very old and needs to be replaced. The stock dimensions are drop at butt is 2 3/4  drop at comb is 1 5/8. Both barrels are full with .045 constriction . Case Color is about 55 to 60% and bluing on the barrel is about the same. The rib has been drilled for a bead and some one already installed a bead about two inches away. This is a nice shooter and not collector quality.  Price $1100.00.

Parker Shotgun Trojan 12 Gauge

Parker Shotgun Trojan 12 Gauge

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