Parker Shotguns and other Nice Doubles for Sale

Parker Shotguns and other Nice Doubles for Sale

Being a Parker enthusiast usually means you are a fan of quality side by sides. With that being said except for the true Parker collector, over time we find ourselves with a number of quality side by sides that you find you enjoy almost as much as your Parkers.
I now have a number of quality doubles for sale other than my Parkers. The list below is just a few of the doubles I have and you can contact me for information on my doubles.
See partial list below:

W & C Scott Reliant 12
W & C Scott Bowood 12
Belgium Guild SXS 12
Belgium Guild Ejt (Francotte) 16
Francotte 14E SXS 12
Cogswell Harrison Self Opener 12
Belgium Guild SXS  16
Bartram Hammer Nitrp Proof Damascus 12
Bonehill Hammer Steel Barrels 12
Wanderer Side Lock Combination O/U  16 – 8×72
German Guild 2 Brl Combo O/U 16X16 & 16X8x57
J P Clabrough sidelock Special Diamond 12
Winchester model 21 Tournament Skeet 12
RBL 20 & 28 Gauge

Winchester model 42 Simmons Rib

Cased Churchill XXV Regent Extra nice


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3 Responses to “Parker Shotguns and other Nice Doubles for Sale”

  1. Marcus Jacobs Says:

    I’m interested in your w.&c. scott guns. can you give me more info on them as well as pictures? Thanks, marcus

  2. robert mendoza Says:

    I inherited a parker shot gun, 12g and 10g barrells. serial number #72319. it has never been restored and in good condition. I can send you pictures if you can possibly give me the true value of the gun.

  3. David Ayaer Says:

    Dear Sir,
    can you tell me what the barrel length is on this gun, and are there any splits or cracks in the stock at all? Thanks so much for your help, David

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