Parker Shotguns Identification and Marks.

Parker Shotguns Identification and Marks.

Parker shotguns have three basic identification marks that will help you identify your Parker.

  1. Frame Size: Parker used different frames for their shotguns. Normally the 12 gauge
    was a 1, 1 1/2 or 2 frame While the 20 gauge was an 0 or a 00 frame. The frame sizes
    included 7 which was the largest down to a 000 the smallest for a 410. The frame size
    and serial number are found on the rear barrel lug.
  2. Grade: The grade is marked on the flat of the action; Parker used a number in the early days and later used an alpha designation. The grades are as follows with the highest grade first. A1 grade 8, AAH grade 7, AH grade 6, BH grade 5, CH grade 4, DH grade 3, GH grade 2,  PH or VH grade 1 and Trojan grade.
  3. Barrel Rib: Parker put the grade of steel on the rib along with Parker Brothers, Meridian CT. The early Damascus barrels were usually marked Damascus on the rib. Trojan grade was marked Trojan Steel, the VH grade was marked Vulcan Steel, B grade usually was marked Acme Steel. This can change as orders could be placed for any type steel or damascus barrel you desired.

This is not a complete description by any means, but is intended to be a tool to help with preliminary investigation and identification. You should always consult a knowledgeable person to clarify the many variations that Parker enthusiast uncover all the time. This is the reason there are so many books written about the Parker Shotguns.

For more information please call me. I do not charge for this service as this is MY HOBBY. My goal is to help people find information about their SXS.  I tell clients I was helped by many collectors and this is how I try to repay them for the time they spent with helping me learn about SXS.

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8 Responses to “Parker Shotguns Identification and Marks.”

  1. Sean Winder Says:

    I have a family Parker SxS that I am trying to find out a value for. I took this to local gun shop and the employee was baffled. I have many pics of the underside markings but none of them are familiar to the gun shop employee. It is clearly marked Parker, says laminated but we couldn’t find any reference based on being a top hammer. I didn’t see anything that resembled a serial number.
    I hope you can be of some help. I can send you the pics I have for further investigation.

    The gun shop did say that it was an 80% grade and a very nice gun but other than that he had no idea.

    Thank you,
    Sean Winder

  2. Jeffery Leppien Says:

    I just picked up a Parker Bros. SxS hammered shotgun lifter model. The serial number is 13773 which indicates it was manufactured in 1879. The only mark I can find on the watertable for Grade is the letter “U” above the serial number. On the bottom of the barrel lug is an S1 and on the bottom of the barrel flats is ST38. Any idea what grade this is? I can’t seem to match it up.
    Jeffery Leppien

  3. Michael Reed Says:


    Is there any record of Wells Fargo marked Parker shotguns? Thank you.
    Michael Reed

  4. Matt Jester Says:

    I have a Parker Bros 12 ga. V 4 Vulcan steel sxs. Serial # places the gun being made in 1900. Any help with values is greatly appreciated.

  5. bradshaw Says:

    I need photos of Parker engraving grades. I am on a project for a client upgrading and restoration of a Parker. Can you direct me to a site to see good photos? Bruce
    [email protected]
    A B Bradshaw Engraving

  6. bradshaw Says:

    I need photos of Parker engraving grades. I am on a project for a client upgrading and restoration of a Parker. Can you direct me to a site to see good photos? Bruce
    [email protected]
    A B Bradshaw Engraving

  7. Amy Neel Says:

    Hi there, I inherited a Parker shotgun. Don’t know much about shotguns. Want to know if it is safe to use.
    Serial number 185,366
    Other markings: Vulcan Steel. 28 gauge, 00.
    Also: inside a circle, the letters JG, with number 62 nearby. Also, inside a circle V, with HT/A and 3, nearby.
    I have no idea what these markings mean.
    Should I take it to gunsmith to determine safety?
    Thank you for any help.

  8. Jerry Annoni Says:

    Hi Bud,
    Jerry Annoni here. I was looking on internet for Parker values and saw your web site. I still have the 20 ga I bought from you many years go. Just looking for value for my kids.
    Joe Coute says you still owe him $20.00. HA!
    How is your wife and family?

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